Free Unity Templates

Save time developing your app experience by starting with one of Motive’s Unity templates. We provide a suite of app templates that can be extended and customised to satisfy your project’s needs. These templates come pre-packed with the Motive Unity SDK so you can forget about all that setup and focus on creating content! Download one of our Unity templates and get started creating your experience the very same day!

Motive Explore AR Template

Motive Explore AR is a Unity template built primarily for prototyping ideas and testing the features of Motive. It comes equipped with a 3D map and most of our main features. The best thing about our Explore AR template is that is has a companion app on the app store. Before you even need to set up a Unity project, you can play around with the Motive authoring tool and test your gameplay. If you love what you've built, download this template (identical to the app) and create your own version in Unity.

Features include:


Explore AR Unity Template

Ghost Hunter Template

The Ghost Hunter Unity template is a real-world RPG style game. The player collects resources placed on the map and uses those resources to build traps that can collect ghosts. This template implements the Motive AR feature set, including placing virtual items and interacting with GPS located virtual models.

Features include:


Ghost hunter unity template

Motive Walking Tour

The Walking Tour Unity template is the simplest of the Motive templates. It provides a basic 2D map with annotations. Its purpose is to create a walking tour of locations that have been created in the Motive Authoring Tool. Using this template, you can create an open walking experience with a map full of markers that users can explore. Or alternatively, you can create a restricted walking tour where the player must travel to locations in a pre-defined order.

Features include:

Walking tour unity template

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