Take creative control.

  • Unity – Plugs into Unity for support across all major mobile platforms.
  • Works anywhere in the world – Tap into locations from global services like Foursquare. Or use your own locations.
  • Local-social game play – Set up your own user domain and server rules. Build out social game play.
  • Real-world conditions – Use information about local weather conditions, daylight, time of day, and more, to drive your experience.
  • Add your own conditions – Straightforward plug-in architecture allows you to add your own conditions in no time.
  • Time Frame conditions – Complete control over how and when content appears and game events trigger. You want something that only occurs on the second Tuesday of March? No problem. Any time between noon and 1pm on New Years Eve? Yes. All with one simple editor.
  • iBeacons – Take your experience indoors with support for iBeacons on Android and iOS. Combine this with GPS location-based gaming for truly mind-blowing experiences.
  • Location-based 3D binaural soundscapes – Add 3D binaural sounds to your game quickly and easily.