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Branching Scenario

Authoring Branching Scenarios in Virtual Reality

By Destery Hildenbrand / November 13, 2020

Introduction to Branching Scenarios in Virtual Reality Branching scenarios are an interactive, challenging, and immersive type of training design. It is a popular approach that allows a user to face real-world challenges, make decisions, and then face the consequences. From a developer’s perspective, this type of training is an effective way to validate learning, encourage…

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Branching Scenario

Scenario-Based Learning for Soft Skills Training in VR

By Betty Dannewitz / October 30, 2020

What is scenario-based learning? A popular and creative way to deliver soft skills training is through scenario-based learning – specifically what is known as branching scenarios.  Branching scenarios are likened to the “choose your own adventure” books, popular in years past.  As the participant makes decisions based on their knowledge of the subject, the scenario…

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Conversational AI & Soft Skills

Soft Skills, Virtual Reality, and Conversational AI.

By Destery Hildenbrand / October 16, 2020

How are VR and AI poised to transform soft skills training in the modern workplace? Soft Skills training is challenging to administer and effectively develop. By nature, soft skills concepts have nuance, ambiguity, and emotion. These scenarios and the emotional expressions they mimic are complex and challenging to recreate realistically. Learning and development have developed…

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Soft Skills Training in Virtual Reality

Soft Skills Training in Virtual Reality

By Betty Dannewitz / October 2, 2020

What is soft skills training?  How is it usually delivered? Soft skills and hard skills are terms thrown around regularly in training.  But what do those terms really mean?   Hard skills are technical skills, often specific to a job, that are measured or tested in some way.  Certifications are usually a pathway to acquiring hard…

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VR Learning Environment. PPE Training for PPE

Accenture and Develop Virtual Reality PPE Training for Healthcare Workers

By Sara Johnston / September 22, 2020

Training developed in collaboration with UBC and BC Women’s Hospital VANCOUVER and TORONTO; Sept. 22, 2020 – To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and have created life-like virtual reality training that teaches healthcare workers how to safely put on and take off personal protective equipment (PPE). The training was developed in…

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Employee Onboarding

Using AR Effectively in Employee Onboarding

By Betty Dannewitz / September 3, 2020

Effective employee onboarding is directly tied to both the success of any business and the success of every employee, regardless of industry.  Onboarding is an experience that includes several key activities, such as orientation exercises, understanding company values and culture, socialization with the existing staff, initial job skills training, and comprehension of the new role…

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Essential Worker

VR Training: “How can I make a change?”

By Peter Wittig / August 28, 2020

Your VR training modules are on headsets. They’ve been sent out for your people to use. Excellent! You may quickly find yourself asking “How can I make a change to those modules?”. If so, you are not alone. Often, the answer is to call your VR developer, ask them for changes, wait and then redeploy…

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People Experiencing VR

Benefits and Barriers to VR Today

By Destery Hildenbrand / August 7, 2020

Are you thinking about the next investment for your organization’s learning and development team? Maybe it’s time to add virtual reality (VR) to your list!  When evaluating new alternatives to create impactful and effective learning experiences, there are barriers and benefits to consider with all types of learning technologies. When exploring an immersive solution like…

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AR Training for Healthcare

AR, PPE, & Training Essential Workers

By Destery Hildenbrand / July 23, 2020

How to keep Essential Workers safe with rapidly changing safety protocols? AR-based training puts up-to-date training in the hands of every mobile device owner.

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Virtual reality at Work

5 Ways to Know if VR is Right for YOU

By Betty Dannewitz / July 17, 2020

Have you been thinking about adding VR to your learning solutions but are not sure if the business case is strong enough? Here are five ways to know if VR is right for you!

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