Made With Motive

In-depth explorations of some of our most innovative projects and partnerships

Immersive Storylab: Secret Coast

Secret Coast by Immersive Storylab Taking place along the UK coastline, Secret Coast is a mobile augmented reality encounter between people, place and time.  A fully functional prototype in a few weeks Immersive Storylab, along with several other University and Company partners, including developed a fully functional prototype as part of a UK programme…

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Escape to Mars: An Augmented reality Scavenger Hunt at AWE

The Augmented World Expo is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) with events in the USA, Asia and Europe. was given the opportunity to build an augmented reality scavenger hunt app for conference attendees.

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Mindwar–A Location-based game built with Motive

Mindwar is the long-awaited follow-up to RocketChicken’s critically-acclaimed location-based spy game, CodeRunner. Mindwar served as the testing ground for many of the concepts that later evolved into the platform.

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Jungle-ized user

Jungle-ized: A Binaural Soundscape in Times Square, New York

Soundwalk Collective and GPS Museum approached in search of a technology solution for a sonic art installation in Times Square to celebrate Earth Day 2016.

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Coming Out–Augmented Reality Theater at FutureFest

Playlines wanted to create an immersive theatre experience that explored of the future of love and dating. Their goal was to create something immersive and highly responsive to the individual audience member’s choices and interactions. It needed to be a completely “heads-up” experience so as to allow users to engage. Leveraging the Motive platform and i-Beacon technology, the Coming Out experience delivered exactly that.

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Liminus–A Location-Based Theater Experience

Liminus–A Location-Based Theater Experience We were approached by Nick Medvescek & Tau Zaman who were looking for a platform to create a pervasive theater experience for the MIT Hacking Arts festival in 2016. By fusing location-based services and live actors, participants were immersed in a groundbreaking theater experience. Can We Fuse Location-Based Services and Theater…

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Recollection–An experiment with location-based storytelling

Recollection is an experimental project. Classified as a “context-aware adventure audio book”, it is a purely audio location-based storytelling experience that crafts a personalized story for listeners as they walk. Familiar places become the setting of a dystopian, sci-fi adventure as you unravel the story of a confused time traveller from a collapsed future.

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ConQuest – an Experiment in Conference Gamification

ConQuest brings location-based technology to events like festivals and conventions, to create interactive stories, gameplay, and richer event experiences. ConQuest approached in need of a technology partner that could build a beacon-driven app for the Vancouver Comic Arts festival.

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UBC Walking Tour–A GPS Tour App for Geography

Using this educational GPS tour app, students learn about the history of the Canadian Pacific Railway in relation to the growth of the city of Vancouver. Geo-located audio, quizzes and an interactive map guide students through the city in this blended learning experience powered by

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