Explore AR App–The Fastest Way to Learn to Use Motive

Explore AR is a Motive-powered app built primarily for prototyping ideas and testing the features of Motive. It can be downloaded onto your phone from your favourite app store, so you can skip the Unity steps.

A Great Place to Start

Now you can start creating content in the authoring tool and see it working without needing to open Unity. Simply download the Explore AR app, connect the app to your project space and you’ll be able to run any game content you’ve created. The Explore AR app is a great starting point for Motive users who want to quickly test the features of Motive.

If you love what you build, you'll be able download a Unity template of the same app when you're ready and create your own custom version to distribute.

Explore Ar sample screen

Interested in Hearing More About Explore AR?

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