Motive Platform Features

Core Product

Unity SDK

Our platform integrates seamlessly with Unity for rapid development across mobile platforms.

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Manage and store user profiles, scripts, assets and multiplayer networks.

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Authoring Tool

Our powerful web-based drag and drop authoring tool gives you the power to create intricate game-play without writing a line of code.

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Content Authoring Features

Adaptive Content

Use our adaptive content engine to create branching narrative and game content based on your players' environment.

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Branching Narrative

Create "Choose your Own Adventure" style apps and games using the branching narrative authoring feature.

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Gameplay Engine

Inject these gameplay features into your app to create a global game.

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Media Engine

Use audio, video, images and text to enhance your app.

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Mobile AR Features

Augmented Reality

Use both Vision AR and location-based AR to create immersive experiences.

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Location-based Services

Integrate with location-based services to create GPS based apps.

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Locative Sound

Trigger sounds based on proximity to GPS locations and beacons.

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We've integrated some of the most innovative technologies to make it easy to enhance your game.

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