Motive Platform Features

Core Solutions

Scenario-Based Training

Using our Scenario XR product as a starting point, you can author scenarios for safety training, patient care and managerial soft skills (to name a few). Your training department can author in-depth and personalized scenarios with no code.

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Performance Support

Using 3D object tracking or 2D image tracking, you can create interactive manuals with animated instructions. Performance AR allows you to create augmented reality manuals with ease.

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Interactive Web

Our Motive-powered web player allows you to create intricate and engaging scenarios on the web. Upload images, video and audio to our CMS to create multimedia scenarios delivered over the web.


Core Product Features

Multiple Devices

The Motive platform is extensible, meaning that we can configure our authoring tool and products to work with the device of your choice. You can control AR/VR/Mobile/Web – mix and match to create truly unique training experiences.

Trainee Collaboration

Experiences can be authored to be completed in teams. Using collaboration between trainees in your scenarios enhances teamwork and employee bonding.



All experiences authored in Motive can produce xAPI data that tracks trainee decisions and interactions. This data can be integrated with the learing management system of your choice.

Content Authoring Features

Adaptive Content

Use our adaptive content engine to create branching narrative and game content based on your players' environment.

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Branching Narrative

Create "Choose your Own Adventure" style apps and games using the branching narrative authoring feature.

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Gameplay Engine

Inject these gameplay features into your training content to increase engagement. Gamification in training helps trainees feel motivated to complete modules.

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Media Engine

Use audio, video, images, 3D models, animations and text to enhance your training experience.

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