Branching Narrative–Let Players Choose Their Story

The real world is a big place. Providing your users with multiple interaction points and myraid choices can be important for keeping them engaged. Branching narratives are an excellent way to make this happen. provides several ways to branch your narrative, perfect for creating a real world choose your own adventure app.

Add Choice to Your Game Story

The easiest way to create a branch is to present the user with a simple choice. Let the user choose from two or more options which lead to different narrative branches.

  1. The Choice
  2. Branch 1
  3. Branch 2

Keeping Track of Multiple Active Story Branches is Simple

Sometimes you want to have more than one active branch in your narrative and launching multiple scripts is a great way to achieve this. You can create the parts of your story in separate scripts and start them at any point. This is a great way to keep your story organized and makes it easy to rearrange the story if you see fit. You may decide your choose your own adventure app would be more exciting if plot point 2 happened before plot point 1. Keeping these in separate scripts makes it easy to reorder them. Scripts can flow sequentially or in parallel, the choice is yours.

In this screen, one script will complete and then the next will launch.

Story Points–Organize Important Events in your Branching Narrative

Story points allow you to keep track of certain events within your narrative. They can also be a way to open or close branches. For example, let’s say you’ve asked your user to complete a task like delivering a key to a character. You can create a story point to keep track of this event for later reference. You can set scripts to launch only if that story point has occurred or, conversely, only if it hasn’t happened.

Having set story points is also useful for stopping branches that are currently active. In the example, where your user has been asked to deliver a key, you may have set up two possible outcomes: deliver the key to the park or deliver the key to a restaurant. If the user delivers the key to the character in the park, that means they no longer have the key and can’t deliver it to a character at a nearby restaurant. As soon as the key is delivered to the park, the story point for this event can deactivate the restaurant branch.

Motive Makes Branching Narrative Easy

Using the authoring tool's scripts and story points makes it easy to create complex and engaging stories. Create a location-based choose your own adventure app, an immersive RPG or a global adventure game. You're only limited by your imagination!

Game screen showing branching narrative

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