Reliable and Scalable Hosting

At the heart of lies a powerful content management system that lets you author downloadable content and experiences that are delivered directly to your app over the internet. Backed by AWS, the hosting service provides high reliability and scalability for any application.

Designed with flexibility in mind can host a variety of content types for your app:

  • Images, video, audio, other media types (stored in S3)
  • Customizable game data delivered as JSON. Examples include:
    • Game characters descriptions
    • Collectibles
    • Achievements
    • Crafting information (recipes, ingredients, etc).
    • Etc.

Motive “scripts”, allowing you to create and deliver interactive experiences over the internet without having to distribute a new app build.

Limited server dependencies apps do not rely on the server while they are running*. Once the app data has been synced from the server, the client-side Motive script processor does the heavy lifting to bring the app to life. This has a number of benefits:

  • Apps only download new data when it changes on the server, speeding up startup times.
  • Users on the road can sync their apps when they’re connected to WiFi and not worry about roaming or other data charges when they’re using the app.
  • Apps continue to run flawlessly in the face of intermittent or poor internet connectivity.
  • Apps are much more responsive than server-dependent apps since all of the content and interactivity is handled on the device.

*Note that apps that rely on social features or interaction do rely on an internet connection for these interactions.


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