Location Based Services

The Motive.io platform integrates with a suite of location-based services. Utilizing the GPS-tracking capabilities of modern phones, Motive enables authors to create amazing location-based apps. Try using one of the motive templates to get started creating location-based experiences today!

Authoring Fixed Locations

With the Motive authoring tool  you can can create a catalog of fixed-locations to use in your app.

  • Using the map-interface, GPS locations can be specified and named.
  • You can also use iBeacons to act as fixed-locations (this is especially useful for indoor experiences).

Creating a catalog of custom locations is often useful for authors looking to create an experience for a specific venue, such as a walking tour experience.

Using Dynamic Location Types

Create an experience that can be played anywhere in the world by leveraging the power of location types. Using location types, an author can dynamically select locations that are near the user.

For example, you can author a game mission so that the player is told to travel to the nearest bank; but if no bank is found, then the nearest coffee-shop is selected instead. In the extreme case that there are no locations nearby, you can instruct Motive to create a new location at random near the player to allow the experience to continue. Using dynamic locations allows you to create experiences that adapt to the world around the player. Amazing!

Putting it all together in a location-based app

Whether using fixed or dynamic locations (or a combination of both), Motive can help create amazing location-based apps.

  • Using map annotations, authors can create interactive maps with informative popups for a selected location.
  • You can place virtual items at locations for your user to collect. These items can appear on the map, and the item’s 3D model will be tethered to that location to be viewed using the player’s camera (read about our augmented reality features).
  • You can make the experience even more immersive by using locative sound.
location-based game, Mindwar, made with Motive

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