Locative Sound–Audio Augmented Reality

Locative sound is a captivating feature that lets you place audio at GPS locations and control how that audio is played back. Much in the same way you can place a visual AR element at a location, a locative sound can be thought of as audio augmented reality or audio AR. Motive.io makes it easy for you to create and edit how locative sounds are placed and played in your experience.

Bring the Environment Alive with Audio Augmented Reality

In its simplest form, the locative sound feature plays an audio file based on a location you have previously defined in a location catalog. Within the Motive authoring tool, you have control over the following sound setting:

  • Overall Volume
  • Pitch
  • Looping
  • Distance from the GPS point to start the audio (Min/Max)
  • Volume Range based on Distance
  • Inner & Outer Fade Settings
    • Fade In Offset
    • Fade In Duration
    • Fade Out Duration
  • Attenuation
    • Natural
    • Gentle
    • Linear
    • Steep
    • Custom
  • 3D sounds
Two people using locative sound

Take a Closer Look

Here's a quick tutorial on adding a sound to your game.

Step 1: Define a point to use in a location catalog.

Step 2: Add a locative audio element in a script and set a few values.

Here's a quick video that shows this in action:

That’s it! Now, imagine creating a huge sound environment over several city blocks or a series of sonic clues that help guide your users in the right direction. Our agency partnership project, Jungle-ized is a perfect example of audio AR in action. Sound is an amazing way to help draw users into your experience. You now have a powerful tool to create the audio augmented reality experience of your choosing out in the real world.

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