Unity SDK

The Motive.io Unity SDK brings a wealth of augmented reality features to Unity. From locative sound to vision AR and slippy maps, the Motive.io SDK will save you months of development time and let you focus on the app features that you care about. The SDK uses a modular architecture and is highly customizable–almost every component can be customized or replaced with your own implementation.

Built for Efficiency

With the Motive.io Unity SDK, you can start creating a fully-featured AR experience in a few minutes. Whether you start with a Unity template or want to build an app from scratch, the Motive.io SDK gives you everything you need.

  • Slippy maps supporting Mapbox, Bing, or any other map tile provider
  • Ready-to-go prefabs that let you easily mix and match features
  • 3D maps with 3D annotations and avatars
  • Use points of interest from a variety of location providers, including Foursquare, Open Street Maps and Mapbox
  • Drag-and-drop support for Vuforia image targets and VuMarks*
  • AR camera with gyroscope and compass for GPS-based AR
  • UI management system with support for screen navigation and animations
  • Gameplay mechanics:
    • Crafting
    • Collecting
    • Narrative adventure
  • iBeacon triggers
  • Background location updates and audio so that you can keep Unity running even when the screen goes off
  • Highly customizable with straightforward interfaces for many components

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Read our knowledgebase article on creating an app using Motive and our Unity SDK.

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