StoryFlow Editor

Our web-based authoring tool, the Motive StoryFlow Editor, is a drag-and-drop programming interface that allows subject-matter-experts with no coding experience to generate rich and immersive training scenarios with ease..

Drag and Drop, Web-based Content Authoring

The StoryFlow Editor is a powerful narrative engine that allows the author to monitor external conditions, track and react to trainee decisions, and keep track of several branches at once to display custom consequences each time the scenario is played out.

Scenarios authored in the editor can deliver realistic outcomes that occur at natural times through the progression of the module. For example, in a procedural training experience, learners are tasked with safely installing an electrical device. One of the key steps is to remember to turn off the breaker in the home before they began. Using the StoryFlow editor, a condition was set up to wait for the breaker to be turned off. If the trainee proceeds through the entire installation without remembering the breaker step, they will receive a “shock” when they try to touch the exposed wires (a realistic outcome). If they do turn off the breaker at any time during the scenario, the installation will proceed without incident, as it would in real life.

Meet Your Trainees Where They’re At

Because of the modular, script-based structure of the training scenarios created in the StoryFlow editor, it is easy to generate several versions of the same scenario with varied levels of support. Start trainees with a completely guided, step by step progression through the material and then have them advance to a completely unguided scenario, where they must remember all of the key steps and decisions on their own. Trainees can practice new skills safely and take on challenges when they are ready without risk.


Content Authoring Features

Adaptive Content

Use our adaptive content engine to create branching narrative and game content based on your players' environment.

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Branching Narrative

Create "Choose your Own Adventure" style apps and games using the branching narrative authoring feature.

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Gameplay Engine

Inject these gameplay features into your training content to increase engagement. Gamification in training helps trainees feel motivated to complete modules.

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Media Engine

Use audio, video, images, 3D models, animations and text to enhance your training experience.

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Authoring Demo

The following is a very brief look at the StoryFlow authoring environment. It shows the creation of a simple diplomacy dilemma where the user must choose the best path.

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