Adaptive Content Engine

Well designed narrative makes for more engaging games, scenarios and experiences. Users are drawn in by stories that respond to their decisions and surroundings. One of the biggest narrative design challenges is managing the multitude of branches that result from creating responsive storylines. Motive’s Adaptive Content Engine provides a revolutionary way to author immersive content.

The most innovative way to author complex narratives

Traditional Branching Narrative

In traditional branching narrative, every option that the user faces is handled with a decision node and then a branch for each possible decision.

Traditional branching narrative


Adaptive Content

The Motive Adaptive Content engine uses dynamic variables to store all of the available options. While the scenario is in progress the Adaptive Content Engine listens for the conditions to be met. The right values are injected into the variables in real time. The result is often a streamlined narrative structure that is easier to test. You can add or remove options without disrupting the flow and you can refer to choices or conditions from much earlier to enrich the experience.

Adaptive content ensures progression

A poorly designed experience can stop the user from progressing which can be frustrating and disappointing.
For example: Let's say the first step in the experience is to go to a bank but we you have a user who lives in a rural setting. If there are no banks nearby, the user is blocked and cannot progress in the experience. With adaptive content, we can set a preference that the experience starts at a bank, but if no bank is close by, then it starts near a school, but if no school is nearby, then it picks a random point near the user. In this case, a bank is preferred, then a school but if neither is available, a generated random point will at least let the person move the experience forward. The generated random point is the alternative that is available to everyone.

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