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We started as a game company almost a decade ago so games are in our DNA. For starters, all of our templates are in Unity. We’ve also added a few things we think any content developer might want in a gamified training scenario, such as an inventory system. Let’s take a look at a few of our key gameplay features.

Inventory System

Do you want your users to find and collect virtual items throughout the scenario? If so, our inventory system has got you covered. You can create catalogs of items and then let users collect those items after they've made a specific decision, at specific points in the story, after they have completed a mission or in several other ways.

Our Unity templates make it easy to add these items to a user’s inventory based on the experience you create in our authoring tool. You’ve got a Unity inventory system right out of the box! It’s perfect for a gamified scenario, a team-building scavenger hunt or just collecting media which you want to replay later.


Need some crafting in your scenario? Done! Our crafting recipes allow you to define which ingredient items you need, their quantity, the requirements for combining them and what they make when your users put them together. Send your users out to collect inventory items and let them craft away after their scavenging.


Our tasks/missions let you give users specific things to do. Instruct a user to go to a place, perform an action and receive a reward. It is a general system that can be used in a variety of ways. For example: perform a set of steps for a safety procedure in the correct order and get a badge. This is also great way to help users find the inventory items they need to complete the crafting recipes in your scenario.

Creating a catalog of collectibles.
Crafting recipe

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