Media Engine

Everybody knows that dazzling images, well-timed audio and cool 3D models enhance the trainee's experience. Using Motive to create your training content, it easy to integrate all kinds of media to create truly mind-blowing experiences.

Easily Integrate Video, Audio, 3D Assets, and more into Your App Experience

Using the Motive authoring tool, you can create media catalogs to be used in any of your scripts. You can integrate images, audio, text and video throughout your scenario. You can even use 3D assets and users interact with them.

The media catalog editor has a drag-and-drop area to easily upload your media to a catalog. It’s a great way to keep your media organized and accessible!

Easily Replacing Existing Media

You may decide you want to use a different recording, a new video or you might have used a placeholder image while getting the rights to a picture. You can easily replace media with the new content at any point. Simply upload the new media in the existing placeholder’s spot in the catalog and your experience will know how to download it and use the new version.

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