Escape to Mars

You're stuck in a spaceport built on an unstable asteroid that's about to collapse. Escape on the last Mars-bound flight before it's too late! Escape to Mars has been featured at Augmented World Expo and World's Fair Nano and can be used to enhance any indoor event or venue.

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You've crashed on Mars and the airlock is jammed. Escape before your ship self-destructs!

You need to repair the spaceport's failing systems -- just enough to power the launch. Use your AR camera to scan the image targets and find hidden clues and items that will help you escape. Loot real-world objects like signs, exhibitor booths, and posters.

Use your inventory to open locks, solve puzzles, and hack terminals. Whatever it takes to get your way through the ship's airlock and Escape to Mars!

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Augmented reality scavenger hunt - Escape to Mars screenshot