Escape to Mars (beta Demo)

A Location-Based AR, escape-the-room game.

Download the demo + the printable images to play for free!


You're stuck in a spaceport built on an unstable asteroid that's about to collapse. Escape on the last Mars-bound flight before it's too late!

Escape to Mars is a Location-Based AR adventure game originally created to play at the Augmented World Expo 2017 in San Francisco.'s CEO and Creative Director speaking at AWE 2017

Now you can download and print images to test the game out wherever you are. This app can be customized, re-branded and re-purposed for your own creations. Contact us to talk about your project.

You need to repair the spaceport's failing systems -- just enough to power the launch. Use your AR camera to scan the AWE Expo and find hidden clues and items that will help you escape. Loot real-world objects like signs, exhibitor booths, and posters.

Use your inventory to open locks, solve puzzles, and hack terminals. Whatever it takes to get your way through the ship's airlock and Escape to Mars!