comes full circle at GDC with the release of their Location-AR platform

We're thrilled to announce that our location-AR platform will be available to the public on Wednesday, March 21. and its founders have a long history with GDC. We first visited as a company in 2012 when we were on a press tour promoting our location-based adventure game, CodeRunner. In the ensuing years, as they worked on a follow-up title, Mindwar, we concurrently developed the platform. Last year, our booth on the GDC show floor was the stage for the beta launch of the platform. This year, Motive will be launching the public access version and GDC seems like the perfect place to do it.

With nearly a decade of experience building location-AR, we have discovered what works and what doesn’t – and we’re eager to share that knowledge with would-be location-AR game developers.

“We’re so excited to be opening public access to the platform at GDC. From the moment we started building CodeRunner, we knew that location-AR would capture people’s imaginations. We have put ten years worth of knowledge and expertise into our location-AR platform and we can’t wait to see what people will do with it.”

- Ryan Chapman, CEO and Co-founder,

With partnerships that include Heritage Canada and Times Square Arts, Motive has been used to build innovative location-AR experiences with a wide-array of use cases and users. Now it’s your turn. In addition to several exciting new features, like the integration of ARKit and ARCore, Motive has revamped our pricing structure to include a free  personal account. Now you can take the time you need to build your location-AR game experience without fear of losing access.