The Motive Training Platform Simplifies your Immersive Training Program.

We've thought of everything you'll need for a sucessful roll-out.

Whether you have a development team on staff or you need to outsource the work, using the Motive Platform to create, deploy, track and maintain your content is a wise choice. With Motive, you can scale your solutions quickly with little overhead or downtime.


StoryFlow Authoring Tool

Create, control and maintain your content with ease.
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Motive Launch Server

Upload your training modules to your LMS and keep track of your employees' progress.

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XR Player

Run your training on the device of your choice. Reuse your 3D training environment to maximize your investment.

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xAPI Learning Manager

Keep track of trainee progress so you know who's ready to work and who needs more help.

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Ready to Revolutionize your training program?

We’re ready to show you how seamlessly you can create, edit and deploy immersive training modules. Our team is standing by to help you revolutionize your training program.

Still not ready to make the leap?

Our comprehensive white paper is a deep-dive analysis of immersive learning. With data and findings from academic studies and industrial use cases, the case for AR and VR training is made.