LMS Integration for Immersive Training Content.

Upload Immersive Training Modules to your LMS with the Motive Launch Server.

Many organizations spend a lot of time and resources choosing and configuring their learning management system. Employee tracking and single-sign-on are essential for record keeping and security. If your immersive training content isn’t compatible with this setup, it will never become mainstream. The Motive Launch Server is the LMS integration solution you've been waiting for.


Create Immersive Training Modules and Deploy them through your LMS.

The Motive launch server allows you to upload content created in StoryFlow to your company’s LMS. Trainee’s can then log in to the LMS, choose a scenario and get a unique code. When they put on the headset, they use the code to launch training session. Their training sessions are tracked and stored, so you know who has completed training and how they have done.


With LMS integration, trainees can use single-sign-on to streamline access to training.

Single-sign-on is essential for security and streamlined IT management. With LMS integration, employees can use their company ID and login to complete Motive training modules. Keep content and data safe and secure.


Deploy APKs to devices remotely for easy content distribution

Device management is an important consideration when thinking about introducing new technology. The ability to monitor and control devices remotely is necessary for convenience and productivity (and the sanity of your IT team). Over time, you may want to use new or updated environments in XR Player. With the launch server, you can install those new and updated environments onto your devices remotely. No need to access each device for an upgrade.

Become a  Motive Certified LMS

The Motive Training Platform has been tested and is certified to work seamlessly with these LMS partners:

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