Immersive Training Solutions

The Training Platform provides training content creation, storage and tracking solutions across mediums and devices.

Scenario-based Training

Quick and accurate decision making is an essential skill in most jobs - especially those where employees may be working in stressful or dangerous environments. Presenting immersive training scenarios in VR or AR allows trainees to practice decision making in a safe a repeatable way.

Procedural Training

Studies show that procedural training in a virtual environment is equally as effective as conventional training on actual equipment.

Employee Onboarding

Whether it be through guided office tours, augmented employee policy manuals or gamified welcome programs, the Motive Training Platform can deliver state-of-the-art employee on-boarding experiences

Just in Time Learning

Providing on the job training through interactive guides and instruction manuals allows new employees to feel comfortable with procedures and processes immediately. Support existing employees as they learn new operating procedures without needing to decrease productivity.