Employee Onboarding

Whether it be through guided office tours, augmented employee policy manuals or gamified welcome programs, the Motive Training Platform can deliver state-of-the-art employee on-boarding experiences.

Campus/Office Tours

Using visual markers, employees can download your workplace onboarding app and take themselves on a self-guided tour of the office. Gamify the tour with scavenger-hunt style incentives. Unlike traditional human-guided tours, employees can revisit key locations in the office time and time again to refresh their memories about specific office procedures, how to use the equipment and where to go for meetings and lunch breaks.

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Enhanced onboarding manuals

Bring your HR manuals to life with videos, interactive models and more. Using their mobile device, have employees scan markers throughout the manuals to augment the information with interactive displays. Enhanced AR content is more memorable and more engaging.

Basic Procedure Walkthroughs

Not every office procedure is complex or dangerous, but not knowing how to use the printer or photocopier (or coffee machine!) can hold up the progress of new hires. Build simple AR microlearning guides for employees to download to their personal device. Help new hires to feel confident to take on office procedures on their own sooner.

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