A revolution in interactive AR/VR content creation.

Interactive content for HMDs made easy

Developing for HMD's is cumbersome and time consuming. With Motive, intricate code and time consuming builds are a thing of the past. Our team will deliver a customized version of the scenario-based training app to suit your needs. Preloaded with your models and content, you'll be able to use our drag-and-drop editor to create interactive content with ease.

The scenario-based training platform features include:

  • Create and reuse content for any device (phone/tablet, AR HMDs) or VR
  • Create in-depth scenarios using out Adaptive Content Engine
  • Gamify your experiences with rewards, inventory, collectibles, missions and prizes
  • Use Scenario XR anywhere - no need for an internet connection
  • LMS Integration - Motive scenarios generate a stream of xAPI data that can be integrated into the LMS of your choice to track learners’ progress.
  • Multi-user cooperation: content can be cooperative, requiring multiple users to play a role, or single player
  • Integrate with existing content:  If you have an app, CAD model or 3D video that you are already using for training, we can integrate the Motive authoring tool with this existing content to ease content creation in the future.

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True VR

Integrate the Motive authoring tool with your existing 3D CAD models (flight deck, control panel, etc). Create multiple scenarios within the model.


360 Video

Generate budget-friendly 360 videos of your training environments. Add hotspots and interaction points. Use Motive to create scenarios based on these interactive videos


Mixed Reality

Assign AR trackable markers to various items in your training set (like a crime scene or an operating room). Create scenarios based on the trackable items in the set.