Branching scenarios allow trainees to test out consequences of different decisions in a low risk way and to improve their reaction times in tough situations.

Working Through Scenarios is VR & AR is More Realistic

Training through scenarios allows stakeholders to pinpoint specific challenges in the workplace and outline behaviours that would improve the outcome of those challenges.

The Motive StoryFlow editor is a sophisticated authoring tool that allows content creators to develop scenarios that not only have traditional branching, but can monitor environmental inputs, remember trainee decisions and have content that adapts based on these inputs. Consequences in Motive-authored scenarios are natural and true-to-life.


VR Scenarios

Presenting challenges in VR allows trainees to experience the environment as it would be in real life. Recreating a true-to-life version of the environment means that employees can access the same resources in VR as they would have in the actual environment. If a work environment includes access to instructional posters, manuals or other job-aids, these can also be included in VR. Often times, effective training includes making employees aware of resources they have available.

AR Scenarios

Learners can practice common decision-making skills in the actual work environment. Trigger content using visual markers and player actions and have learners complete branching scenarios in the real world. Using the StoryFlow editor, you can control content on several devices, including monitors and iOT driven hardware. Have common experiences unfold exactly how they will in real life.

VR training decision making guide

Thinking about implementing VR training?

If your organization is considering implementing VR training, but you're not sure where to start - start here! This guide outlines content types, device types and common use cases so that you can determine the best implementation for your team.