training development

You've decided you'd like an XR or interactive web app to train your employees. We can build you a unique and state-of-the-art XR or web experience and we'll deliver it on time and on budget. We'll be with you every step of the way, from concept to launch.

Let's bring a unique training solution to your workplace

Introducing new training technology at your workplace can be a daunting prospect. Choosing the right technology, creating the content and rolling out the new solution can be time consuming and error prone. Our team is here to help you get up and running quickly and seamlessly.

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A Closer Look at our Full Service App Development Process

  • Pre-production

    In the app development process, the pre-production phase is all about conversation. This is when we meet, share ideas and hammer out the details. You lay out your must-have features and your "wildest dreams" wishlist. We provide insight on the feasibility of the concept and inject our ideas about creative solutions to make as many of the items on your wish list into a reality. At this stage we'll determine which technology (AR/VR/Web) you'd like to implement and help you determine the best fit for your company. We finalize the project budget and the statement of work in this phase so that we're all on the same page.

  • Configuration

    Once we have determined the type of content (scenario-based or performance support) the devices you'll use (VR headsets, smart glasses, computers) we'll configure our products to suite your specific set up. 

  • LMS Integration

    If you would like to track trainee progress in a learning management system, we will integrate our system-generated xAPI data with the LMS of your choice.

  • Branding

    If you would like your training apps to complement your corporate identity, we can include a design pass to reflect your branding.

  • Content

    We will help you upload media, 3D scenes and models and other initial content to our CMS. We'll include a few starter scripts or scenarios to get you going.

  • Testing

    Initial deployments of your training apps will be tested on-site to ensure everything works as expected.

  • Authoring tool training

    We'll visit your workplace and spend a few days with your team getting them up and running on the authoring tool. Off site support will continue after this initial session.

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