Considerations When Designing a VR Training Scenario

Headset in front of a computer when designing a VR training scenario

Designing a VR training scenario, or a 3D learning experience, requires careful consideration. It can be easy to get caught in the trap of relying on familiar 2D design patterns, such as text panels, videos and pictures to convey information and instructions. For a 3D scenario to truly have a transformative impact, you need to…

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Planning Learning Data Use in VR

Planning data use in VR.

How will you determine success through the learning data you receive from your VR training scenarios? After setting training goals, you will need to determine how you will measure and track your training metrics. Specifically, you must decide what it looks like to achieve success on the performance indicators you have outlined and how that…

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Setting Employee Training Goals for Your VR Training Program

Various diagrams on a table, planning for employee training goals

Goals are essential to every project, especially when your organization is trying something new. Once you have determined that VR is the right modality for your organization’s training program, the next step is setting your employee training goals. Employee training goals can be categorized in several ways. Three of the most common are business and…

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What is VR Training 2.0?

VR Training 2.0

VR training is taking off in organizations around the world. It provides the long awaited answer to the question “how can we provide our team with effective training that mimics the job that they will be doing?”. Unfortunately, the way VR training is created today is filled with pitfalls and challenges that make it very…

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Fail Safely with Job Skill Training in VR

Fail Safely with Job Skill Training in VR 3

Training employees on proper procedure is a common need among all industries.  Content on how to perform a task or job while following protocol for efficiency and safety is an essential part of any curricula.  Job skill training can be anything from how to properly operate dangerous equipment – such as a deli meat slicer…

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VR Design: Essential Lessons Learned

VR design

Recently, I met with some of the staff of and asked them this question- What are the biggest lessons you have learned in VR Design? This is what they said: Mechanics do not need to be Hyper-realistic for a good VR Experience The biggest lesson I have learned is how unimportant hyper-realistic mechanics are…

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