About Motive.io

It all started with an innovative game idea, hundreds of hours of conversation, several revised game scripts and story ideas, and dozens of weekends grinding through code. We soon realized that we needed a better way to function.

Pushing the Boundaries

The co-founders of Motive have been working in the location-based gaming space for almost a decade. In 2008, our creative director, Jeff, thought it would be cool to create a mobile game that combined the popularity of geocaching with an Orwellian/Secret Agent story. Our CEO, Ryan, came on board and made Jeff's vision come to life. CodeRunner hit the app store in 2011 and instantly developed an enthusiastic fan base.

We Decided to Do it Again

Following the success of CodeRunner, we decided to create a follow-up game, Mindwar. As we worked through the flow of technical development, story development, back to technical development, followed by more story changes, and on and on, we decided our workflow could be drastically improved. If we could put the power in the hands of our story writer and allow him to change the content without having to ask the developer, we could make the game in a fraction of the time. The Motive.io platform was designed to allow our creative team to create our game content without having to touch a line of code.


Now it's Your Turn

We're now ready to share our technology with you. Whether you'd prefer to work with us to get your app developed in record time, or if you'd like to use the Motive Platform on our own project, we can't wait to see what you build!