Author VR Training content with no code.

Storyflow. A revolutionary VR authoring tool.

Built by programmers for learning professionals, the Storyflow authoring tool gives you unprecedented control over your content. Easily create straightforward procedures, branching narratives or full-blown simulations.

Use speech recognition and AI for complete immersion.

After observing hundreds of people using VR, we’ve learned that every time a user interacts with an immersion-breaking interface, it takes away from their experience. Storyflow lets you author experiences where trainees can use their voice to move the experience along, allowing the scenario to progress without point-and-click input.

Storyflow conversation authoring is integrated with the world's leading conversational AI engines so that trainees can speak naturally instead of reading from a list of choices.

Conversation Ai scenario Avatar

Move beyond point-and-click with advanced interactions.

For hands-on procedures, it is essential that 3D models in the scene behave like they do in real life. If a trainee is learning to assemble a product or maintain machinery, they need to know how the parts move and work. Using Storyflow, you can give your trainees more granular control over parts of machines, making procedural training scenarios more realistic and meaningful.

pick up jigsaw

Create branching narratives that engage and challenge learners.

Creating engaging and fully immersive branching narratives in Storyflow is easy – and a little addicting. Create branches based on actions taken, or not taken, decisions made and questions answered. Storyflow branching narratives are so much richer than typical, basic dialog trees.


"Our team built a sample application with Motive's Storyflow editor using a data center environment and interactive objects built by the Motive team. It took a novice team about 3 weeks to learn how to use the authoring tool to make a complete job-skills training course on locating and removing a host. After learning the tool, creating additional courses with the same environment and objects was fast and simple."

Bring avatars to life with character controls.

VR is almost as good as being there – unless the avatars in the scene are stiff and unnatural. The StoryFlow character controls allow you to bring avatars to life by controlling their facial expressions, body movements and lip-syncing for realistic dialog.


facial expressions

Use adaptive content for more believable scenarios.

The ability to author open-world style simulations is unique to Storyflow. You can use the modular script-based system to create environments and scenarios that encourage freedom of choice and exploration.


Project Spotlight

These simulations built for BC Women's Hospital and the University of British Columbia used adaptive content to allow trainees to freely make decisions that would affect the patient's vitals. Trainee's can practice how to properly diagnose and treat symptoms and complications in emergency medical situations.

VR simulation training for healthcare

Use sound and video like a pro.

It is easy to upload, manage and use any form of media in Storyflow. Add ambient sound, tutorial videos or instructive images to enhance the experience and the usability of the training.



Provide meaningful feedback with assessments.

If learners don’t know how they’ve done, it is impossible for them to improve. Storyflow’s built-in assessment features allows you to include feedback on time taken, performance on specific tasks and steps missed. You can even take it a step further by analyzing the collected xAPI data after the scenario is complete.



Edit your scene setup in VR.

After authoring and testing, you may realize there are items in the scene that you would like to set up differently. Maybe you need to set an anchor in the scene to be able to use it. With the Storyflow VR Editor, you can change your scene with the headset on - just pick up the item you want to move and put it in its new location. That's it!


VR Editor

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