Motive-Powered VR Pilots are a Future-Proof Investment.

Try VR, then scale with no hiccups.

Our VR Pilot Program includes everything you need to try a full VR solution in a meaningful way. Bundled with design services, environment creation, scenario authoring and platform training, it's a risk-free way to introduce VR training to your company. When the pilot is complete, scaling up is easy because you can reuse a lot of what you already have.

Start with a high quality, rich experience. Backed by the best tech on the market. Reach out to learn more.

Custom 3D scene - an interactive and authorable replica of your work environment.

Instructional design services.

An authored VR training scenario, presented in guided or "teach mode" and unguided or "test mode".

An onboarding module to help your learners transition to using VR.

Platform training for your team.

Support for pilot roll-out.

250 learners or 1000 sessions (for one year).

2 authoring licenses (for one year).

The possibilities are endless...






Policing/Law Enforcement



Data Security

Health and Safety

Medical Simulation



Customer Service

And the list goes on...

Still not ready to make the leap?

If you are considering implementing VR training, but you're not sure where to start, then this guide is for you. Our comprehensive paper gives you insights to content types, device types and common use-cases so that you can determine the best implementation for your team.