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VR training in a VR headset

The Ultimate Guide to VR Training 2021

By Eliza Vagner | August 13, 2021 |

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the training industry. With an increasing ROI, many innovative companies are turning to VR as their modality of choice for training. This guide includes our top insights and tips related to all things VR training – from decision making to content creation. Don’t forget to bookmark this guide to use as…

5 Reasons Some VR Training Programs Fail 1

5 Reasons Some VR Training Programs Fail

By Eliza Vagner / September 14, 2021

Not every virtual reality training program succeeds. With more companies implementing this training modality, some organizations jump in too quickly without a proper plan in place. This can create large risks in terms of money and time, as well as creating a negative sentiment towards reintroducing VR as a training modality in the future. With…

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Utility Training in VR 2

Utility Training in VR

By Eliza Vagner / September 8, 2021

Working in the utilities sector can come with many risks – working at great heights, navigating power plants, and dealing with high-voltage equipment to name a few. Due to the nature of this work, utility training in a traditional classroom setting limits a trainee’s ability to experience exposure to these risks beyond seeing them in…

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Motion sickness in VR headset

Motion Sickness in VR

By Eliza Vagner / September 1, 2021

Experiencing motion sickness can feel awful. Symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue. The feeling can last hours after its onset. Some people experience it while in the car, others when in low turbulence on an airplane. According to software engineers who develop extended reality experiences, about 25% of individuals experience motion sickness…

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Comparing Our Top 3 VR Headsets for Training 3

Comparing Our Top 3 VR Headsets for Training

By Eliza Vagner / August 25, 2021

The number of VR headsets on the market is overwhelming. There are headsets specific to entertainment, others for gaming, and growing demand for more headsets related to enterprise. When starting in VR, it’s not always clear which headset will work best for the needs of your training program. We’ve created this blog post with the…

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AR or VR

Is AR or VR Right for You?

By Jennifer Pastega / August 17, 2021

Is AR or VR right for you? Disruptive technologies are changing how we interact with the world around us. This change is especially evident when we look at how immersive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) impact the enterprise training landscape. While these technologies aren’t new, their evolution continues to present learning…

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What Does DoF Mean in VR? 4

What Does DoF Mean in VR?

By Eliza Vagner / August 11, 2021

What is DoF? DoF is a term often used when describing a specific feature of a VR headset. The acronym stands for degrees of freedom. Essentially, it is a term outlining motion about several axes. Relating to VR, it is used to explain how an individual can move in a headset and the number of…

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A man practicing soft skills through having difficult conversations in VR training.

A Deep Dive into Soft Skills Training in VR

By Destery Hildenbrand / August 6, 2021

When you think about the power of virtual reality, what comes to mind? What type of experience do you think of or remember? Were you destroying bricks with your lightsaber to the latest pop tunes? Maybe exploring an outpost on a faraway planet? Or were you closer to home simulating a beach vacation? Chances are…

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Energy sector training with two employees in front of equipment

Energy Sector Training with VR Training 2.0

By Sanu Nair / July 30, 2021

How VR Training 2.0 is Helping the Energy Sector Overcome Training Challenges Let us not mince words. 2020 was a horrible year. Lives and livelihoods were lost as our cities and the economy ground to a halt. The energy sector had their own storm brewing. Crude oil prices crashed, storage facilities could not stock anymore,…

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Woman wearing headset, comparing 360 video vs. virtual reality

Comparing 360 Video vs. Virtual Reality

By Destery Hildenbrand / July 21, 2021

With the growing interest and popularity in immersive technologies, it’s important to make sure our terminology aligns. Chances are you have heard a few different terms – extended reality (XR), computer generated imagery (CGI) virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR). How do we compare 360 video vs. virtual reality? XR refers to all modalities under…

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Assessing Job Readiness with VR 7

Assessing Job Readiness with VR

By Sara Johnston / July 14, 2021

Learner success and job readiness is easier to assess with the rich data that can be collected in VR. Careful planning for assessment can help you generate meaningful results and feedback for your learners. xAPI Results The xAPI profile includes an optional “result” property that you can leverage to extract results from the learning experience.…

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Bring Your VR Scenario to Life with Authoring & Testing 8

Bring Your VR Scenario to Life with Authoring & Testing

By Sara Johnston / July 6, 2021

What tools do you need to ensure your VR training experience is successful? After setting your goals, planning data use, and considering the learning design experience, the next step is to bring your VR scenario to life. This will include determining how you will author your content and creating a plan to test. Bring Your…

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Headset in front of a computer when designing a VR training scenario

Considerations When Designing a VR Training Scenario

By Sara Johnston / June 29, 2021

Designing a VR training scenario, or a 3D learning experience, requires careful consideration. It can be easy to get caught in the trap of relying on familiar 2D design patterns, such as text panels, videos and pictures to convey information and instructions. For a 3D scenario to truly have a transformative impact, you need to…

Read More Secures Funding Through N49P Seed Round 9 Secures Funding Through N49P Seed Round

By The Motive Blog Team / June 23, 2021 raises significant capital to strengthen engineering, sales, and customer success teams to better serve growing list of Fortune 500 customers. VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 23, 2021 —, the immersive training platform for enterprise, secures significant seed capital to fund the growth of its industry-leading platform. The seed round was led by Toronto-based venture…

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Photo of VR headset and controllers on table.

The Year of Changemakers: Our 3 Takeaways from the 2021 VR/AR Global Summit

By Sanu Nair / June 11, 2021

What a year for virtual and augmented reality! Last week, the VR/AR Association held their capstone event, VR/AR Global Summit, and got us all excited about where the future is headed. And what made it special is that unlike events of the past, we were all discussing the future of the virtual workplace in the virtual world! It…

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Planning data use in VR.

Planning Learning Data Use in VR

By Sara Johnston / June 1, 2021

How will you determine success through the learning data you receive from your VR training scenarios? After setting training goals, you will need to determine how you will measure and track your training metrics. Specifically, you must decide what it looks like to achieve success on the performance indicators you have outlined and how that…

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Various diagrams on a table, planning for employee training goals

Setting Employee Training Goals for Your VR Training Program

By Sara Johnston / May 25, 2021

Goals are essential to every project, especially when your organization is trying something new. Once you have determined that VR is the right modality for your organization’s training program, the next step is setting your employee training goals. Employee training goals can be categorized in several ways. Three of the most common are business and…

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VR Training 2.0

What is VR Training 2.0?

By Jenna Watson-Brawn / May 3, 2021

VR training is taking off in organizations around the world. It provides the long awaited answer to the question “how can we provide our team with effective training that mimics the job that they will be doing?”. Unfortunately, the way VR training is created today is filled with pitfalls and challenges that make it very…

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Virtual Limbs Change How You Move and Feel About Your Body in VR 10

Virtual Limbs Change How You Move and Feel About Your Body in VR

By Ewen Lavoie / April 28, 2021

Giving a user virtual limbs in VR helps them feel ownership over their movements and makes the experience much more realistic.

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Fail Safely with Job Skill Training in VR 11

Fail Safely with Job Skill Training in VR

By Betty Dannewitz / April 20, 2021

Training employees on proper procedure is a common need among all industries.  Content on how to perform a task or job while following protocol for efficiency and safety is an essential part of any curricula.  Job skill training can be anything from how to properly operate dangerous equipment – such as a deli meat slicer…

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training data

Get Consistent & Reliable Training Data with VR

By Sara Johnston / April 13, 2021

VR is an excellent way to get consistent insights into how your trainees are doing. Assessments are unbiased and rich giving you clear and useful training data.

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VR design

VR Design: Essential Lessons Learned

By Betty Dannewitz / April 1, 2021

Recently, I met with some of the staff of and asked them this question- What are the biggest lessons you have learned in VR Design? This is what they said: Mechanics do not need to be Hyper-realistic for a good VR Experience The biggest lesson I have learned is how unimportant hyper-realistic mechanics are…

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Trainee doing VR Training in a Lab

Essential Elements of VR Learning Design – Part 2

By Sara Johnston / March 23, 2021

This blog is a continuation. If you haven’t done so already, read part 1 for more context. Must Haves for Excellent VR Learning Design Environment where learners are comfortable Providing an environment where people are comfortable is a must-have in VR design. Virtual reality is a very unique form of media in that you can…

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Essential Elements of Great VR Learning Design - Part 1 12

Essential Elements of Great VR Learning Design – Part 1

By Betty Dannewitz / March 17, 2021

As the process for designing VR continues to evolve, a few aspects have proven to be consistent. Here are a few essential features of great VR design as well as some less important areas to remember: Comprehensive Experience Project Planning  Comprehensive experience project planning is a must-have in VR design.  The VR planning stage is…

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VR Experience

Designing and Developing VR Experiences

By Betty Dannewitz / February 18, 2021

Virtual reality design and development are becoming a more attractive and attainable option to many content creators.  More innovation and development have resulted in a refinement of a typical creation process. According to the Motive staff, there are a few things you should know as you embark on designing and developing VR experiences. Before you…

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9 Reasons Content Tools Help You Scale VR Training 13

9 Reasons Content Tools Help You Scale VR Training

By Peter Wittig / February 2, 2021

There are many factors involved in successfully scaling VR training in an organization. Your ability to scale VR depends on keeping costs at a reasonable level. One of the best ways to control costs is to ensure that training professionals have the right tools. Here’s why: Scaling VR training means a better trained, more efficient…

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Key Considerations for VR Training Deployment 14

Key Considerations for VR Training Deployment

By Destery Hildenbrand / January 29, 2021

Last time, we discussed the storage and sanitization of our VR equipment. These are just two pieces of the puzzle when implementing and maintaining a successful VR program. This blog will explore what type of training space users require an optimal VR experience. What does a portable VR set-up look like, how is it implemented,…

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Key Considerations for Managing Your VR Hardware 15

Key Considerations for Managing Your VR Hardware

By Destery Hildenbrand / January 27, 2021

When building immersive virtual reality training, the focus tends to be on developing and delivering the experience itself. However, there are other aspects of a successful VR training program to be considered. These aspects include more maintenance and logistics to your equipment and processes’ for short and long-term success. In the next couple of blogs,…

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New Staff Profile: Welcome Destery Hildenbrand 16

New Staff Profile: Welcome Destery Hildenbrand

By Betty Dannewitz / January 21, 2021

As virtual reality learning experiences are growing in demand, Motive is growing their amazing team!  This month, Motive welcomes Destery Hildenbrand as the Senior Learning Experience Producer. Destery comes to Motive with a wealth of knowledge in immersive learning experiences.  As an instructional designer with a focus on immersive technology, Destery has over 15 years…

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Branching Scenario

Authoring Branching Scenarios in Virtual Reality

By Destery Hildenbrand / November 13, 2020

Introduction to Branching Scenarios in Virtual Reality Branching scenarios are an interactive, challenging, and immersive type of training design. It is a popular approach that allows a user to face real-world challenges, make decisions, and then face the consequences. From a developer’s perspective, this type of training is an effective way to validate learning, encourage…

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Branching Scenario

Scenario-Based Learning for Soft Skills Training in VR

By Betty Dannewitz / October 30, 2020

What is scenario-based learning? A popular and creative way to deliver soft skills training is through scenario-based learning – specifically what is known as branching scenarios.  Branching scenarios are likened to the “choose your own adventure” books, popular in years past.  As the participant makes decisions based on their knowledge of the subject, the scenario…

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Conversational AI & Soft Skills

Soft Skills, Virtual Reality, and Conversational AI.

By Destery Hildenbrand / October 16, 2020

How are VR and AI poised to transform soft skills training in the modern workplace? Soft Skills training is challenging to administer and effectively develop. By nature, soft skills concepts have nuance, ambiguity, and emotion. These scenarios and the emotional expressions they mimic are complex and challenging to recreate realistically. Learning and development have developed…

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Soft Skills Training in Virtual Reality

Soft Skills Training in Virtual Reality

By Betty Dannewitz / October 2, 2020

What is soft skills training?  How is it usually delivered? Soft skills and hard skills are terms thrown around regularly in training.  But what do those terms really mean?   Hard skills are technical skills, often specific to a job, that are measured or tested in some way.  Certifications are usually a pathway to acquiring hard…

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VR Learning Environment. PPE Training for PPE

Accenture and Develop Virtual Reality PPE Training for Healthcare Workers

By Sara Johnston / September 22, 2020

Training developed in collaboration with UBC and BC Women’s Hospital VANCOUVER and TORONTO; Sept. 22, 2020 – To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and have created life-like virtual reality training that teaches healthcare workers how to safely put on and take off personal protective equipment (PPE). The training was developed in…

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Employee Onboarding

Using AR Effectively in Employee Onboarding

By Betty Dannewitz / September 3, 2020

Effective employee onboarding is directly tied to both the success of any business and the success of every employee, regardless of industry.  Onboarding is an experience that includes several key activities, such as orientation exercises, understanding company values and culture, socialization with the existing staff, initial job skills training, and comprehension of the new role…

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Essential Worker

VR Training: “How can I make a change?”

By Peter Wittig / August 28, 2020

Your VR training modules are on headsets. They’ve been sent out for your people to use. Excellent! You may quickly find yourself asking “How can I make a change to those modules?”. If so, you are not alone. Often, the answer is to call your VR developer, ask them for changes, wait and then redeploy…

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People Experiencing VR

Benefits and Barriers to VR Today

By Destery Hildenbrand / August 7, 2020

Are you thinking about the next investment for your organization’s learning and development team? Maybe it’s time to add virtual reality (VR) to your list!  When evaluating new alternatives to create impactful and effective learning experiences, there are barriers and benefits to consider with all types of learning technologies. When exploring an immersive solution like…

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AR Training for Healthcare

AR, PPE, & Training Essential Workers

By Destery Hildenbrand / July 23, 2020

How to keep Essential Workers safe with rapidly changing safety protocols? AR-based training puts up-to-date training in the hands of every mobile device owner.

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Virtual reality at Work

5 Ways to Know if VR is Right for YOU

By Betty Dannewitz / July 17, 2020

Have you been thinking about adding VR to your learning solutions but are not sure if the business case is strong enough? Here are five ways to know if VR is right for you!

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Training Professionals: Take Control of Your VR Content 17

Training Professionals: Take Control of Your VR Content

By Peter Wittig / July 7, 2020

Many training professionals want direct control over their virtual reality (VR) training content. If you count yourself among that group, you need tools that you can use. Some VR studios provide tools for training professionals, most do not. It is worth asking if a vendor has tools before you start any VR training project. The…

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Half-Life: Alyx

How Half-Life: Alyx Helped Us Improve VR Training

By Aditya Jain / July 2, 2020

Here at Motive, we provide a platform to build VR/AR scenarios. Our focus is to train people for real workplace situations in various industries. When Half Life: Alyx released in March 2020, it was evident that it stood head and shoulders above any other VR game. After playing it extensively, we decided to dive deep…

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Future-Proofing Your VR Investment

Future-Proofing Your VR Investment

By Destery Hildenbrand / June 25, 2020

Stability, longevity, and return on investment (ROI) are things we look for in our personal and professional lives. In learning and development, we are always looking for the most practical, effective, and affordable development solutions. This is especially true when contemplating an investment in cutting-edge learning solutions such as VR. What to look for when…

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Healthcare worker wearing PPE

VR for PPE Training

By Betty Dannewitz / June 12, 2020

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has become a hot topic. PPE equipment is required to be worn in many different industries and job roles to reduce contact with safety hazards and avoid workplace injury or illness. Required PPE items are specific to the industry and job role. Items like gloves, hard hats, ear plugs or muffs,…

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Illustration depicting action mapping

How to use Action Mapping as a Framework for VR learning design

By Sara Johnston / June 1, 2020

Virtual reality needs learning design There are a lot of questions surrounding virtual reality for training. The promise of the technology to bring training to life and make a lasting impact on success is exciting. Sometimes the leap from the idea of VR to the actual implementation of VR can be daunting. It is important…

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Make Workplace Training Safer with AR/VR 18

Make Workplace Training Safer with AR/VR

By Betty Dannewitz / May 26, 2020

The way we do life has changed. Social Distancing is now a part of our daily practice and is likely to remain for the foreseeable future. As we are starting to physically return to work – together, in proximity – this new daily practice will become challenging to navigate.

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VR training in action

3 Keys for a Successful VR Training Pilot Project

By Peter Wittig / May 19, 2020

Running a VR training pilot project is an exciting opportunity that comes with a lot of choices. Each organization is different but understanding some of the commonalities will help your virtual reality pilot succeed.

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VR medical simulation

Virtual Reality: A Valuable Tool for Healthcare Training

By Betty Dannewitz / May 12, 2020

VR is changing the landscape for healthcare training. It allows access for more trainees to train in a more realistic environment with better learning outcomes. In the era of COVID-19 safe training that is effective is especially important.

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Man learning in VR. VR helps with training effectiveness

3 Ways VR Enhances Training Effectiveness.

By Sara Johnston / May 8, 2020

The ultimate goal of any training is to have people come away with better skills. When compared to more traditional styles of training, VR is superior in several ways including knowledge retention, trainee confidence and employee performance.

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5 Ways VR will Lower your Training Budget 19

5 Ways VR will Lower your Training Budget

By Sara Johnston / May 7, 2020

Training costs are a concern at companies of any size. In order for a training solution to make sense, it needs to fit in the budget and to deliver great ROI.

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Vr headset hygiene - cleaning VR headset

Worried about VR headset hygiene? 4 Ways to reduce the risk.

By Michelle Nicholson / May 1, 2020

In early March, our team was busy preparing for the start of conference season. It was all systems go, but the threat of coronavirus was starting to hit home. One thing was suddenly top of mind for us: can you put the same headset on 100s of people without putting them at risk?

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