XR is an Ecosystem

Motive XMS powers the industrial XR ecosystem.

Enterprise XR training is entering the next phase. It’s moving out of innovation teams and into day to day operations. With this shift comes a number of new challenges.

During the testing and innovation phase, there is a lot of leeway for companies to take shortcuts to assess the underlying technology and answer the question “Is XR training a good solution for us?” In most cases the answer is a resounding “Yes!” This is great! But then begins the long process of operationalizing XR.

At this point the requirements and motivations driving the project shift. XR switches from an innovative technology to a business solution. Suddenly there are a lot more players and a lot more requirements to manage the program at scale.

One crucial insight we’ve gained from helping companies through this stage is how important it is for a solution to work well with existing technology. XR can’t exist in a silo, it needs to work as part of an integrated ecosystem. Furthermore, this ecosystem looks different to every company. You have an LMS, maybe more than one. You have specific hosting requirements, authentication, and so on. You’ve probably also found other XR technologies that you really like and enhance the experience for your learners.

These observations are central to how we approach all of our client engagements, from the design of Motive XMS to our diverse array of partners. Our goal is to help companies piece together the right solution from an ecosystem of complementary partners and technologies.


The XR industry is thriving, with hundreds of companies offering a wealth of services and solutions. Motive enthusiastically welcomes collaborations with other companies in the space and can help find just the right fit if you have a specific problem you’re trying to solve. XR is an ecosystem and every rollout will require multiple partners, whether it’s procuring and managing devices, building virtual worlds, or developing learning strategies that make the best use of the technology. All of these pieces must fit together and build on top of each other to give your program the best chance of success.


Motive XMS is built from the ground up to be flexible and extensible. We use standards-based approaches to technology integrations like LMS and SSO. Unlike other products in the space, XMS requires no changes to your LMS. XMS supports SCORM and XAPI out of the box.

XMS also offers the industry’s first fully pluggable architecture, OpenXMS. OpenXMS plugins allow for direct integrations with other cutting-edge technologies, like content management, data collection, or AI services. The list of plugins is growing. Our goal is to make XMS the most open and flexible platform on the market.

Motive.io and Motive XMS are leading the way in building out the next generation XR ecosystem.

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