XR Technology in Enterprise is Going Mainstream

XR technology in 2024 is getting boring…

…which is an extremely exciting development! Let me explain.

We use “boring” technologies every day to solve business problems. They don’t seem new or novel because they’ve become an indispensable part of our work day. We take for granted that they boost productivity, save money, and make the lives of the people using them better.

XR technology in enterprise today

This is where we find XR technology today. Although there is plenty of excitement (hello Apple Vision Pro!), the most compelling trend for me is the increased adoption of XR into mainstream business use cases like training. The results speak for themselves, and large organizations are starting to scale out training programs that take advantage of the substantial cost savings and dramatically improved training outcomes that XR can deliver.

I’ll give you an example from personal experience. We’re developing a training program for a major retailer to teach new employees how to pick products in a massive warehouse. When I read through the complex procedure my head was spinning. But when I tried the scenario in VR, everything fell into place. I was learning by doing, in a perfect replica of the warehouse, without leaving my desk. I didn’t need to visit the site or take valuable time from a manager to learn the procedure. This training program will deliver the holy grail of cost savings and increased productivity all at once.

These results are exciting! But to adopt XR at scale, you need a system that solves a lot of “boring” problems like security compliance, interoperability with other vendors, and integration with existing infrastructure. Our platform, Motive XMS, was built from the ground up to address these challenges. And of course we’ve sprinkled in a few exciting features too–like no-code authoring and AI agents that let you interact in virtual worlds using natural language.

XR is getting boring–which is the most exciting trend in XR today!

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