XR Technology in Enterprise is Going Mainstream

XR technology in enterprise being used by a business man in an office

XR technology in 2024 is getting boring… …which is an extremely exciting development! Let me explain. We use “boring” technologies every day to solve business problems. They don’t seem new or novel because they’ve become an indispensable part of our work day. We take for granted that they boost productivity, save money, and make the…

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Training with VR 2023: The Ultimate Guide

VR training in a VR headset

Table of Contents What is VR training? Why VR training? Where is VR training used? Comparing options for VR training Tips for successful VR training scenarios How Motive can help What is VR training? Virtual reality (VR) training is the method of training employees through a digital, fully immersive environment. Trainees have the opportunity to…

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3 Strategies to Make VR Training More Accessible

VR Training Accesibility

Training in VR allows individuals to practice the skills they’ve learned and gain hands-on experience prior to being placed on the job. Given the benefits of virtual reality training, we know it should be available to as many individuals as possible. We need to increase VR training accessibility. Despite this, training in VR can come…

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How Motive Supports Your VR Training Journey

How Motive Supports Your VR Training Journey 1

VR training journeys cannot be approached with a one-size-fits-all mindset. Each organization has their own set of resources, meaning implementing VR training will vary. Fortune 500 companies have trusted Motive to help them create, deploy, and track effective VR training scenarios. How does Motive help you in choosing which implementation process works best for your…

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Incorporating VR into a Blended Learning Solution

Group discussion in a blended learning solution

Picture this: it’s your first day of work, and you’re ready to learn the skills needed for your new role. You walk into the office and head to a large room with your fellow new hires for training. You sit at a table, and an instructor begins lecturing the room on company policy, expectations, using…

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4 Signs You’re Ready for VR Training

4 Signs You're Ready for VR Training 2

Virtual reality training continues to be a hot topic of conversation in the learning and development community. With benefits like increased knowledge retention, cost savings, and flexibility, it’s no wonder why organizations are updating their training programs to include virtual reality. However, like with any new piece of technology, planning is required to ensure optimal…

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Manufacturing Training in VR

Manufacturing Training in VR 3

Amidst Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry is seeing the increased use and interconnectivity of various new technologies. These technologies include automation, machine learning, and robotics. This can also include manufacturing training in VR. The manufacturing industry is also being faced with a shortage of skilled labour. With a quickly ageing workforce, a shrinking pool of…

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Changing the Training Landscape: Training During and After COVID-19

Training during and after COVID-19: Simulation including virtual nurse practicing PPE donning and doffing

In March of 2020, the world flipped upside down. Non-essential stores closed, our interactions with friends were limited to Zoom, and while essential workers continued to work, many individuals remained on our couches for months. Training During and After COVID-19 This new experience led to training teams needing to re-evaluate the ways they train their…

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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with VR Training

Reducing carbon footprint with VR: VR headset on table

Microsoft, Shell, Ford. These are just some of the companies that have committed to becoming net-zero in the next couple of decades. As organizations discuss ways of making their processes and procedures more environmentally friendly, one way of reducing a company’s carbon footprint is through virtual reality training. The Environmental Cost of Business Travel Traditional…

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DevLearn 2021: Our Experience

DevLearn 2021: Our Experience 4

Having started physically traveling to locations for some events has been a real delight. The last in-person event I attended was one of my all-time favourite events, DevLearn. DevLearn 2021 was an opportunity for learning and development to look at what’s next. Although this year was different from those of the past, it did not…

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