Mining Training in VR

Mining Training in VR 1

The mining industry is full of risks. Large machinery and lethal gases produce incredibly hazardous conditions, whether in an open or closed mine pit. Requiring employees to navigate their surroundings safely when placed on the job without effective training can be deadly. Luckily, mining training in VR is becoming more accessible, allowing employees to practice…

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Taking Advantage of Self-Led Training with VR

Self-led training in VR with VR headsets

One of the benefits to training in virtual reality includes the reduced need for subject matter experts to be taken away from their work and placed in situations where they must train the next generation of employees. These situations cost the company both time and money as trainers are spending their time training rather than…

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Choosing the Right Use Case in VR

Use Case in VR

Virtual reality training is growing in popularity. The benefits are being seen throughout many industries, with employees reporting increased knowledge retention and greater confidence post-training after choosing the right use case in VR. Organizations are also seeing the benefits not only when considering cost and time savings, but also with better trained employees. With more…

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Airline Industry Training in VR

Airline Industry Training in VR 2

The commercial airline industry has been one of the hardest hit industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. With travel restrictions easing, employment increasing, and fleets expanding, the industry is slowly starting to see a revival. Quickly and effectively onboarding employees will be critical to getting passengers back in seats and flights back in the air. Airline…

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Utility Training in VR

Utility Training in VR 3

Working in the utilities sector can come with many risks – working at great heights, navigating power plants, and dealing with high-voltage equipment to name a few. Due to the nature of this work, utility training in a traditional classroom setting limits a trainee’s ability to experience exposure to these risks beyond seeing them in…

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Comparing Our Top VR Headsets for Training

Comparing Our Top VR Headsets for Training 4

The number of VR headsets on the market is overwhelming. There are headsets specific to entertainment, others for gaming, and growing demand for more headsets related to enterprise. When starting in VR, it’s not always clear which headset will work best for the needs of your training program. We’ve created this blog post with the…

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Is AR or VR Right for You?

AR or VR

Is AR or VR right for you? Disruptive technologies are changing how we interact with the world around us. This change is especially evident when we look at how immersive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) impact the enterprise training landscape. While these technologies aren’t new, their evolution continues to present learning…

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What Does DoF Mean in VR?

What Does DoF Mean in VR? 5

What is DoF? DoF is a term often used when describing a specific feature of a VR headset. The acronym stands for degrees of freedom. Essentially, it is a term outlining motion about several axes. Relating to VR, it is used to explain how an individual can move in a headset and the number of…

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Energy Sector Training with VR Training 2.0

Oil & gas training in VR showcased by employees in front of pipelines.

How VR Training 2.0 is Helping the Energy Sector Overcome Training Challenges Let us not mince words. 2020 was a horrible year. Lives and livelihoods were lost as our cities and the economy ground to a halt. The energy sector had their own storm brewing. Crude oil prices crashed, storage facilities could not stock anymore,…

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Assessing Job Readiness with VR

Assessing Job Readiness with VR 7

Learner success and job readiness is easier to assess with the rich data that can be collected in VR. Careful planning for assessment can help you generate meaningful results and feedback for your learners. xAPI Results The xAPI profile includes an optional “result” property that you can leverage to extract results from the learning experience.…

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