Our Team

Our small-but-mighty team is diverse and multi-talented. Combining expertise from software engineering, UX design and creative direction, we've collaborated to create a tool that works for everyone.


Ryan Chapman

CEO, Co-Founder

Ryan has developed mobile, server, and platform software for Microsoft, TiVo, PMCSierra, and several startups. He graduated with distinction from UBC’s Engineering Physics program and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science.


Sara Johnston

COO, Co-Founder

Following a career teaching mathematics and computer science, Sara moved to design and development. Before joining Motive, Sara ran a boutique design firm. She oversees the product management, marketing and business strategy as well as day-to-day operations at the company.


Jeff Macpherson

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Jeff is a writer and director, and the creator of the cult hit Tiki Bar TV. Jeff likes to push the boundaries of storytelling and technology inspiring the creative direction for CodeRunner. He used to run a BBS on his Commodore64 in the 80s.


Peter Wittig

Senior Developer, Co-Founder

Peter has worked in the tech industry for over 15 years. He has applied his software and database skills in games, telecoms, simulation software and more. His extensive travels have driven his passion for location-based technology.


Michelle Nicholson

Director of Client Relationships

Following a career as a professional engineer, Michelle is leveraging over 12 years of consulting experience in her role as Director of Client Relationships. Michelle has managed the client portfolios for international oil and gas companies, government agencies, utilities and national and international industrial, mining and forestry clients.


Nadine Haddad

Software Engineer

Nadine has graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science from UBC. She loves drawing, playing and testing new video games, and spending long hours completing puzzles.


Raymon Sandhu

Software Engineer

Raymon holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at UBC. He is into artificial intelligence, rock climbing, traveling, and good food.


Nolan Koriath

Software Engineer

Nolan loves solving unique problems. He’s an active XPRIZE competitor and has worked on software projects from sports education to marine search and rescue. Nolan graduated from UBC with a degree in Computer Science.


Aditya Jain

Software Engineer

Aditya graduated with a degree in Computer Science from UBC. His curiosity in the underlying mechanics and design of video games led him to becoming an avid programmer with a special interest in numbers and statistics. He enjoys playing and watching sports in his spare time.