"The global market for Mixed Reality Learning is in the midst of profound innovation and transformation...The one common characteristic of these new learning technologies is that they enable real-time knowledge transfer."

Sam S. Adkins

AR and VR training has been shown to increase trainee engagement, knowledge retention and skill accuracy. More and more companies are looking to incorporate immersive VR and/or AR training modules into their e-learning offerings. Using the Motive authoring platform, learning designers can create training content involving branching scenarios, multi-step instructions or adaptive storylines. Choose the content type (AR, VR or Web), the device (VR headset, AR smartglasses, tablet, phone or PC) and learn one authoring tool to control them all.

Adopting the Motive authoring system at your workplace means you can remain agile and adopt new technologies as they emerge without needing to learn a new e-learning software system each time.

AR & VR SCENARIOS with ScenarioXR

If you’re looking to build training scenarios in virtual reality, mixed reality or mobile augmented reality, look no further than the Motive scenario-based training platform. Our newest product puts the power in the hands of learning designers to create in-depth scenarios for head-mounted or mobile displays. With near limitless configurations, scenarios can be collaborative (multi-player), they can involve more than one type of device and they can be created and edited with no code.


Performance AR overlays a step-by-step, interactive guide to hands-on processes and procedures onto a worker’s field of view. Using Performance AR, workers scan a real-world product or location to open a digital manual. On-screen graphics are then overlaid onto their physical equivalent, giving animated directions. The software runs on all major headsets as well as mobile and tablet devices, offering unparalleled accessibility.


It isn’t always practical or budget-friendly to adopt AR or VR training. Using the Motive authoring tool, content can also be rendered in HTML5. Upload images, video and audio to create interactive training content for the web. Our web product could be used alongside our other offerings to allow you to prototype scenarios quickly and easily.


Our platform is built from nearly a decade of working in the app and content creation space. The authoring tool can be configured to control almost any input, resulting in deeply engaging, personalized and memorable training content.


Our platform captures user decisions and interaction data in xAPI format, allowing you to plug in to the LMS of your choice.


Our sophisticated authoring tool is unparalleled in its power to create intricate scenarios without any code.


The motive platform is truly flexible and extensible. You choose which devices you'd like to power, be it VR, AR smartglasses, mobile devices or the web.


Upload media, including images, video, audio and 3D animations and sort them into reusable libraries and catalogs. All of your content can be hosted on our AWS backed servers, or locally at your workplace.




The authoring platform is unparalleled in its flexibility and power. Because our company has its roots in the gaming industry, our tool allows your creative team to create truly unique, personalized and gamified training content that will increase employee engagement and knowledge retention.

Customized Solutions

Every training department has different needs. Instead of offering a one-size fits all solution, our team will work closely with you deliver a custom configuration of our authoring platform suited to your use case. All of our service contracts include on-site training to get your training team up and running quickly with our tools.

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