The Professional Toolkit for Location-AR

Introducing is a professional platform that allows you to integrate cutting-edge AR technology into compelling location-AR games and experiences. Start with our Unity templates or our Explore AR app and you’ll have a prototype in your hand within a week. Customize our templates in Unity to create unique apps with your own visual design, branding and gameplay. All location services, map integration, and a host of ready-to-go game mechanics are included so you can get outside and see your game or experience in action.


Take Creative Control.

Motive provides unparalleled creative control for both creative professionals and game developers. Our drag and drop web editor and extensible Unity SDK allow teams to work in tandem, creating a more efficient workflow. Using Motive to create your app makes rapid prototyping easy. Content can be tested and revised multiple times for maximum precision and seamless user experiences. Keep your users engaged by updating content regularly without having to push a new version of your app through the app store.

The Motive Platform

Web Based Drag and Drop Authoring tool

Our authoring tool allows you to create robust location-based content and adaptable stories with ease.

Unity SDK

Integrates seamlessly with Unity. Your subscription includes feature-rich templates to create unforgettable augmented reality experiences supported across all major mobile platforms.


Manage and store user profiles, scripts, assets and multiplayer networks. Your content is stored using Adobe AWS servers for maximum security and scalability.

Location Based Augmented Reality

The platform makes it easy to create experiences that are unique to your user’s surroundings. Put the power in the hands of your creative staff. They will be able to take advantage of our web editor’s intuitive interface to construct robust experiences without writing a line of code.  Seamlessly move from outdoor to indoor using iBeacons and trigger game events and media (animation, audio, images) based on a broad range of conditions.

Your augmented reality app ideas can become reality using our sophisticated platform.

Marketing Apps

Entice customers to visit store locations with special offers.

Monitor conditions such as weather and time of day to generate unique offers to meet a patron’s specific needs.

GPS Tour Apps

Create a city tour that adapts to a user’s location. Use the Vision AR feature to place relevant media at specific locations to enhance the experience.

Custom Experiences

Gameify a day at a theme park, or provide a new level of depth to a conference.

Orient new employees or students by creating immersive campus scavenger hunts.

Global Games

Place objects in the real world using map data from a choice of providers. Engage users with points of interest that are relevant no matter where they are.
Use our adaptive content engine to create a choose your own adventure style game in the real world.

Let's Collaborate

If you’d like to build a custom location-based app for your business or client, but you need some help getting started, our team is here to work with you. Our consulting services range from comprehensive app development (from concept design to launch) to simple setup services and extra support to get you started using the platform on your own.

Read more about our consulting services here.

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English students in a fifth-year digital literary studies course turned to literature and DIY culture for inspiration to create video games as part of their class. They created two indie games: a campus-based locative app for mobile phones and a 2-D children’s game. Source: A literary twist on gaming – University of Victoria