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The Motive Training Platform is an all-in-one immersive training solution. Create and deploy VR and AR training scenarios with ease. Engage your employees like never before.

Train More

With VR and AR training, more employees have access to specialized equipment and environments.

Train Better

VR and AR training content is more memorable, more enjoyable, and more effective.


Train Safely

Expose trainees to high-risk scenarios with no fear for their safety.

Full XR Solution

Use the same training scenarios and 3D models for both VR and AR. Author once, reuse multiple ways.

Teach Mode & Test Mode

Offer different modes to meet your learners where they’re at. Practice processes and procedures with guidance or without.

Randomized Scenarios

Branching scenarios with content that adapts for each trainee. Introduce uncertainty with randomization and varied outcomes.

The Motive Training Platform

XR Player

View your training content on the device (or devices) of your choice. Our XR player can be configured to suit your use case - virtual or augmented reality. Content changes update in real time over the web - no need to rebuild.

StoryFlow Editor

Using our drag-and-drop authoring tool you can create immersive training scenarios of any description. Branch your content with ease or author step-by-step procedures with assessment built in. As soon as you update your content, it is deployed to the player.

Learning Analytics

All content authored with the StoryFlow editor and viewed in the XR Player generates xAPI data on the trainee's actions. Our xAPI conformant LRS and Learning Analytics Dashboard lets you visualize the data in a useful and meaningful way.

VR training decision making guide

Thinking about implementing VR training?

If your organization is considering implementing VR training, but you're not sure where to start - start here! This guide outlines content types, device types and common use cases so that you can determine the best implementation for your team.

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