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We deliver state-of-the-art mobile AR apps with rich narratives and one-of-a-kind stories.


We will work with you to deliver a custom solution for AR, VR or the Web training. We will integrate the Motive authoring tool into your model, scene, AR app, or website and supply you with a purpose-built version of the editor. Author, update, and change scenarios and storylines with ease.


Let us build you an app that includes walking tours, gamified events, sponsored locations, coupons and analytics. We will create a custom SmartCity solution to welcome tourists to your city or region and provide you with the information you need about popular locations and activities.


Use an AR scavenger hunt for team building, event gamification, indoor exhibits and more! Check out our demo app, Escape to Mars, to get an idea of the engaging, interactive possibilities with this style of project.


At Motive, we appreciate that you have a choice when it comes to who you'll work with to develop your project. Here's a few reasons we think you'll want to work with us:

  • Our team of dedicated, experienced and talented designers and devs know what it takes to deliver highly functional, original and entertaining apps on time and on budget.
  • Our experience in the AR and Web development space means that we know what works and what doesn't.
  • Our proprietary Motive content authoring platform means that you will have the option of taking over control of your content without relying on us for changes. If it makes sense for us to integrate our platform with your app, you can keep your app fresh and up to date with no long-term service contract.
Motive Team

Introducing the CMS and Authoring Platform

With the Motive content authoring platform, you can integrate cutting-edge technology into compelling and immersive narratives for AR, VR and the Web.

When developing your app or website, we can integrate the Motive authoring platform into your AR and VR scenes to author in-depth training scenarios, leverage our location-services integrations to create story-based location-AR games, or use our Vuforia-powered image tracking app template to bring your museum exhibits, teaching materials or promotional posters to life.

Using Motive, the app development workflow is more efficient and productive. Our drag and drop codeless authoring tool and extensible Unity SDK allow content creators and developers to work in tandem and to focus on what they do best.

Our platform is available for use by developers and content creators today. It is optimized for use with mobile AR. If you'd like to get started using it for free, click below.


The Motive Development Workflow