Fully Immersive VR Simulation Training – Available Any Time.

VR allows trainees to access simulations as often as they need.

There is no doubt that simulations are a powerful learning tool. Depending on your industry, they can be time consuming to set up and implement. It is often impossible to run trainees through in-person simulations more than a few times a year. VR simulations solve this issue as they are available at any time and don’t require setup or oversight. With VR training, trainees get access to high quality training more often.

Open-world VR simulations.

Using Storyflow, you can create simulations that allow your trainees to behave naturally in their environment. Instead of being on a predetermined track that dictates the order of actions, trainees have the freedom to take any actions at any time. This “open-world” freedom allows you to see how ready your trainees are for their real tasks.

Learner levels.

The experience and competency of your trainees will change over time. You can present learning modules for the same skill with different levels of support. A person who is new on the job may benefit from the heavily guided “teaching” mode of a module. As they progress, they can move through various levels of the same task, finally ending up in full “test” mode where there are no hints or guides. This scaffolded approach to learning helps trainees feel better prepared and more confident on the job.


What if you have a scenario where several different outcomes could occur? With Storyflow, you can create training modules with randomized outcomes. This keeps the training fresh, keeping the trainees on their toes.

More access.

Unlike live simulations, people can access VR simulations more frequently and work through them more quickly. With a few headsets in a break room or training room, trainees can work through a module or two in less than half an hour. It has been shown that 25 minutes of VR training can replace 3 hours of one-on-one or onsite training.

Read more about training efficiency in our white paper.

VR simulation training for healthcare
Labour and delivery crisis simulation.

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Our comprehensive white paper is a deep-dive analysis of immersive learning. With data and findings from academic studies and industrial use cases, the case for AR and VR training is made.