Customer Stories

Our customers are using Motive in incredible ways.

Our client list is growing daily. Here are some of our favourite past and present projects. A wide range of companies and organizations have place their trust in the Motive Training Platform and are confident in the value it provides.

Inspection training scene for marine environment with tug boat in centre.

Inspection Training with Transport Canada

The Project: In 2021, Motive was awarded a contract to implement virtual reality training tools into Transport Canada’s employee training program. The contract was awarded under the Innovative Solutions Canada Program, enabling federal government organizations to utilize innovative small to medium business products in their operational settings. The program’s goal is to support novel solutions…

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vr medical simulation

VR Medical Simulation for B.C. Women’s Hospital

A key component of medical training is the ability to prepare for crisis situations. Rather than learning on the job while a patient’s life is at stake, it is better to be able to go through a simulation of the crisis to practice decision making under pressure. In many healthcare facilities, simulations require staff to be pulled off the job and facilities to be out of commission for real patients. Introducing VR as part of a blended approach to medical simulation training allows more trainees to be exposed to this vital training more often.

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custom 3D training environment configured to be interactive.

Utility Locate Training for Salt River Project

Salt River Project is one of Arizona’s largest utility companies, supplying water and power to over 2 million people in central Arizona. When new employees join the workforce, one of the most dangerous tasks they need to learn is how to locate underground utilities before starting a job. The procedure can be risky because busy roadways and unpredictable traffic. VR is the perfect solution for replicating the stress of the task while keeping the uninitiated safe.

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Healthcare worker donning PPE

PPE Training for COVID-19 Protocols

After successfully working together with BC Women’s Hospital on VR crisis simulations, the Motive team was asked if we though we could create PPE training for front line healthcare workers. Partnering with Accenture, we took on the challenge and turned the project around in a few months.

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Customer Stories 1

Food Safety Training in VR

A global leader in online commerce entered the grocery market and was looking for innovative ways to onboard employees more quickly. With food safety and sanitation being a top priority, they decided to pursue VR to teach basic maintenance of their deli slicers.

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VR training for mining safety.

Mining Safety: South Dakota Mines and MSHA

MSHA and South Dakota School of Mines worked with Motive to create scenarios for new employees to learn more about mining safety.

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