Everything you need to know about VR soft skills training

It can be difficult to entice employees to practice their soft skills with traditional training methods. Nothing replaces practice and repetition for honing these nuanced skills, and yet role play is awkward and prohibitive.

VR introduces a whole new way to practice conversational and interpersonal skills. The introduction of conversational AI takes it to a whole other level.

This guide gives an introduction to what soft skills training is and then walks the reader through how it can be implemented using VR.

Soft Skills Training - title page

VR and conversational AI take soft skills training to another level.

One of the more stressful parts of being at work is having difficult conversations. Whether you’re interacting with an angry customer, having a disagreement with an employee, or addressing a socially sensitive topic with a colleague, it is difficult to prepare for these situations. Using VR and conversational AI, your employees can practice these soft skills in a risk and judgement free environment.

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