With so many AR technologies and location services available, the Motive Platform is the tool to help use them all together to make mind-blowing experiences.


Leverage our Unity3d SDK and create cross-platform experiences using the world's most popular game engine. Motive has a robust and battle-tested SDK for Unity that will save you months of development time. Create feature-rich augmented reality experiences for Android, IOS.

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Harness the full power of the world’s leading Vision-AR platform, Vuforia. Use our powerful abstractions to simplify the development and content authoring process. Use Motive to dynamically change the assets users see. Be up and running with Vuforia driven Vision-AR backed by the Motive platform within minutes.


Motive integrates with ARKit and ARCore for advanced real-world object placement in AR-view.

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Use Motive with Mapbox to bring your users rich and beautiful maps. Consume point of interest data directly from the Mapbox tiles and combine it with any other sets of POI data that integrate with our platform. Use our pre-configured templates to start building a map-centric application immediately.


Enjoy our rich combination of location data. We aggregate data from industry leaders like Foursquare and Open Street Maps. Motive abstracts the data management for you so that you don’t need to build infrastructure around it. Want to switch data providers? No problem, just switch out your provider in the platform without breaking your application.

dark sky

Use Motive to trigger content based on weather. Tell users to bring an umbrella before going out to play your game, or call-out the weather while they play. Only want to trigger content on a Tuesday if it is raining and below ten degrees? No problem. Motive and Darky Sky allow you yo seamlessly blend your game with the physical world for the ultimate transmedia experience.


Need more granularity for your user location? Would you like to bring your location-based experience indoors? Use Motive’s beacon integration to precisely trigger content. Beacon locations can be added to an existing project in minutes. Use beacons throughout a venue to provide finely tuned experiences. Dynamically change the meanings of beacons based on user progress.

Coming Soon

We've got more integrations on the way including Wikitude, Mapquest, and WRLD.


*Premium features are not included in our free templates, but are available for an additional fee. Contact us for pricing details.

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