Motive for Education

Engage students like never before, in the classroom and beyond

Enrich your courses, gamify your campus

Imagine a computer science class where you can teach computational thinking while students create their very own location-AR game. Leverage the power of the Motive platform to allow students to access and use sophisticated technology without needing a sophisticated depth of knowledge.

Take advantage of a campus-wide site license and put Motive in the hands of curriculum leaders and communications experts. Create location-AR apps to enhance classroom lessons and the student and visitor experience on campus.

Over 90% of your students carry a smartphone with them at all times. Motive will let you leverage their love of technology to develop critical thinking and problem-solving to create relevant and authentic real-world applications.

Group Of Students Working At Computers In Classroom

Motive Classroom Pricing

Motive Classroom
$100 per student
One project space per student (seat)*
A set number of students (seats)
Two downloadable Unity templates
Access to the Explore AR template app
Share projects via URL or QR code
Campus-wide License
Unlimited project spaces
Unlimited collaborators
Two downloadable unity templates
Access to the Explore AR template app
Share projects via URL or QR code

*project spaces can be collaborative

Teach Computational Thinking

The Motive authoring tool is a drag and drop editor (no code involved). Motive scripts are created by organizing groups of resources (tasks, messages, notifications, missions, etc) into different frames. The frames open and run based on logic, user input and organized order. Many key computational thinking skills can be learned, practised, and perfected when using the authoring tool. While creating simple stories and tours is quick to learn, users can also explore the more sophisticated features that allow for branching narrative, adaptive content and beyond to create complex, location-based adventures.

With two different Unity app templates included in your subscription, you can take your class to the next level and challenge students to build custom apps with their own visual design.

Bring your lessons alive

Create interactive mobile tours that enhance your subject material. Use quizzes, media and voiceover at predetermined GPS checkpoints to guide students through historical sites, nature reserves, and other outdoor venues.

Gamify Your Campus

Invite students, parents and other stakeholders to discover your campus using an interactive tour or an augmented reality scavenger hunt. Create themed tours that run during special events and get your students involved in creating the content. A Motive-powered campus is on the cutting edge.

The platform enabled me to develop a valuable experiential learning activity. My historical content comes alive for the users of the app, and the added piece for me is that my students are incorporating their smartphones into their learning – suddenly it doesn’t seem like ‘just another assignment’.
-Siobhàn McPhee,
UBC Geography instructor

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