Not only is immersive training proven to be more effective, but you can save money on your training program when you use it.

We all want our company training to be effective, inspiring, and budget friendly. Employees who feel looked after are more likely to stay on and be more confident in their jobs. Easy access to engaging training is a great way to ensure ROI.

Lower your training budget

Training costs are a concern at companies of any size. In order for a training solution to make sense, it needs to fit in the budget and to deliver great ROI. Many assume that implementing immersive training is prohibitively expensive. The reality is that using VR in a training program can be more cost effective than traditional training.

Consider some of the costs of more traditional training methods:

  • Travel for employees and trainers
  • Hourly wage per employee while being trained
  • Subject matter expert non-working/productive hours
  • Facilitator: Day rate, travel, admin fees.
  • Production lines, equipment and tools out of commission while used for training

These costs are reduced or eliminated with the introduction of an immersive training program.

Increase the effectiveness of your training

Well-trained employees are generally happier, more confident and more productive. Investing in effective training pays dividends. More effective employees lead to more company productivity – which is great for the bottom line.

The ultimate goal of any training is to have people come away with better skills. When compared to more traditional styles of training, VR is superior in several ways. Three of the most important are:

Knowledge retention

People trained in VR remember the material much longer


People feel more confident on the job after VR training.


People are more skilled and work more quickly after VR training.

Want to see how you can increase your training ROI?

After countless conversations with training professionals, we’ve developed an ROI calculator that allows you to estimate your cost savings when you implement an immersive training solution. Our team is ready to dig in and help you determine if your training needs can be better met with Motive Training.