Manufacturing Training in VR

Manufacturing Training in VR 1

Amidst Industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry is seeing the increased use and interconnectivity of various new technologies. These technologies include automation, machine learning, and robotics. This can also include manufacturing training in VR. The manufacturing industry is also being faced with a shortage of skilled labour. With a quickly ageing workforce, a shrinking pool of…

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Empathy Training in VR

Empathy Training in VR 2

The need for soft skills is becoming increasingly valued. One of these highly valued soft skills includes empathy. Empathy is required in a multitude of people-centred careers, including leadership roles, customer service positions and the healthcare industry. Empathy training in VR over other modalities has proven to successfully raise empathy levels that are more likely…

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Mining Training in VR

Mining Training in VR 3

The mining industry is full of risks. Large machinery and lethal gases produce incredibly hazardous conditions, whether in an open or closed mine pit. Requiring employees to navigate their surroundings safely when placed on the job without effective training can be deadly. Luckily, mining training in VR is becoming more accessible, allowing employees to practice…

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Utility Training in VR

Utility Training in VR 4

Working in the utilities sector can come with many risks – working at great heights, navigating power plants, and dealing with high-voltage equipment to name a few. Due to the nature of this work, utility training in a traditional classroom setting limits a trainee’s ability to experience exposure to these risks beyond seeing them in…

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Energy Sector Training with VR Training 2.0

Oil & gas training in VR showcased by employees in front of pipelines.

How VR Training 2.0 is Helping the Energy Sector Overcome Training Challenges Let us not mince words. 2020 was a horrible year. Lives and livelihoods were lost as our cities and the economy ground to a halt. The energy sector had their own storm brewing. Crude oil prices crashed, storage facilities could not stock anymore,…

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VR for PPE Training

Healthcare worker wearing PPE

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has become a hot topic and requires specific PPE training. PPE equipment is required to be worn in many different industries and job roles to reduce contact with safety hazards and avoid workplace injury or illness. Required PPE items are specific to the industry and job role. Items like gloves, hard…

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