How Motive Supports Your VR Training Journey

VR training journeys cannot be approached with a one-size-fits-all mindset. Each organization has their own set of resources, meaning implementing VR training will vary. Fortune 500 companies have trusted Motive to help them create, deploy, and track effective VR training scenarios.

How does Motive help you in choosing which implementation process works best for your organization? Continue reading and learn how we work with you to create your custom VR training solution. 

Identifying Your Resources

Determining the makeup of your team and the resources available are crucial when starting your VR training process. Does your organization have Unity experts to help create and configure assets and environments? Do you have individuals who can be trained to author your content? Having these questions answered while planning your VR training program are critical for success. 


Unity experts are needed to create the assets and configurations for your work environment. If your team doesn’t have individuals with strong Unity experience, Motive is here to help. We can create a 3D replica of your workplace with configurations of interactive assets to allow your employees to train on equipment that they would use in real life. This allows muscle memory to build, leading to better trained employees. 

If your team already has Unity experts, the Motive Unity SDK allows you to build your own environments ready for VR training. The SDK enables you to make assets grabbable, equippable, and attachable, enabling for a highly interactive experience.


Storyflow can be part of your VR training journey. Image of woman using Storyflow.
Storyflow: Our codeless authoring tool

Your learning team knows your training program the best. Motive gives the power of authoring your training in VR to your learning team using Storyflow. This ensures creation and editing can be done with greater ease. 

However, if your team does not have the bandwidth to take on creating with our codeless authoring tool, the Motive team is able to help. With detailed information, we’re able to ensure your trainees are taught and tested within your VR training environment. You’ll still be able to benefit from VR training, and edits will still be made easily and timely with our tool.


Training on the Motive VR Platform will allow you to make the best use of the tools included. Luckily, Motive has developed a training program to help you and your team learn the skills needed to make VR training content with ease. 

Regardless of your team’s skill set, Motive Academy has the courses you need to get you on your feet. Training content includes using Storyflow to create procedural and open simulation training, assessments, onboarding plans, best practices, and more. Essential courses cover all of Motive’s tools, so you’ll learn how to author, assemble, and launch content. Take foundation-level tutorials, core courses, and extensions to further develop your skills.

After completing Academy and receiving your role-dependent certifications, you’ll be able to easily create, edit, and deploy your VR training.


If your team doesn’t have the capacity or personnel to take on environment or scenario creation, we’ve got the experts to help. We can help provide full-service planning, environment creation and content development. With our experts, training can be put in the hands of your employees even more quickly as training on the platform is not required.

VR Pilot

If you’d like to dip your feet into what Motive has to offer, we offer pilot programs. This allows you to test out the software and get a taste of the benefits VR training with Motive can bring to your team. Whether you require environment creation, learning design services, data planning, and platform training, it can all be bundled into a personalized pilot. Once you’re ready to scale your training, you’ll be able to utilize what was created to launch your training at full speed. Due to the future-proof nature of our platform, changes can be made and projects can be expanded without having to start from scratch.

The Motive team is with you every step of the way when it comes to your VR training program. Depending on the resources available to your team, we can support in creating environments and content, training your staff on our platform, and more. If any questions arise during your program, we’re here to help. We ensure your deployment runs smoothly and make sure you have all the tools required to guarantee a successful VR training program roll-out.

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