Scenario Based Training Solutions

Powered by Motive

Immerse your employees in common workplace scenarios and empower them to take actions and make choices to learn operating procedures, customer service standards, and more. The Motive authoring tool allows anyone to create, edit and iterate on scenarios with ease. Branching content becomes simpler to create using our patented Adaptive Content Engine. Plug into the LMS of your choice to keep track of employee progress.

Motive powered content can be delivered via VR, AR head mounted displays, mobile devices, and the web. Contact us to start building your  complete custom training solution.

VR Scenarios

Use the authoring tool to generate immersive scenarios that include decision points, manual interactions, and procedures. Branching narrative and personalized content-based user decisions is easy to create.


Use a head mounted display or a mobile device to augment your factory floor, walk trainees through standard operating procedures and interact with 3D models. Leverage our location services to create a workplace tour. Gamify your training to make it memorable.


Using and engaging graphic-novel format, our web player delivers content in a memorable way. Script customer service scenarios, emergency procedures, crew training and more. The HTML5 content can be hosted on any website. Use our WordPress plugin for the easiest integration