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Why 2018 is going to be the year of VR/AR in Vancouver
Government of Canada invests nearly $500,000 in BC startup to develop historical AR experiences
Canada’s History Coming to Ottawa in Augmented Reality
Government of Canada supports British Columbia augmented reality startup through Build in Canada Innovation Program
Immerse Yourself In Vancouver's History With A Free Interactive Walking Tour
The Future of AR/VR: A Conversation with Dan Burgar
30 Immersive Storytelling platforms, apps, resources & tools
Why Location Intelligence Is Mobile Marketing's AR Opportunity
The augmented reality-fueled future of mobile marketing will be narrative and personalised Opens Early Access to Location-Based AR Development Tool
Easily Make Your Own Pokémon GO with + Mapbox Unity SDK
British Columbia game developers ready to impress in San Francisco
American Geographical Society–Cocmpany Profile:
GeoAwesomeness: The Essential Element for Location-based Games in 2017 according to Peter Wittig of
WaveFront: Startup Spotlight
The Future of Entertainment: According to the AT&T Foundry
GeoAwesomeness: Creating Location-based Games and Experiences
State of the Authoring Tool Industry
The Future of Virtual Reality as Told by Those Defining It

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Vancouver Tech Podcast–Episode 41:
HackingArts: Remixing Our Senses

Made With Motive: Project Features


Project Feature: Futurefest
Wink, wink, heart emoji. The future of love and tech - Chips with Everything tech podcast

UBC Walking Tour

Teaching urban history
BetaKit: Motive Partners with UBC to Deliver History you can Hear


Bringing a new project to the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival - the Launch of ConQuest


Vancouver Startup Turns Times Square Into Amazon Jungle
Vancouver tech firm brings jungle to NY
Vancouver startup links sounds of the Amazon to New York
Audio-Technica’s entry into the Amazon jungle
Jungle-ized – David De Rothschild Project – Times Square, New York
‘Jungle-ized’ Infuses Times Square With the Sounds of the Amazon
JUNGLE-IZED: A Conversation with Nature
Q&A with Stephan Crasneanscki of the Soundwalk Collective
Urban Experiences
Amazon rainforest sounds echo through Times Square in interactive ‘Jungle-ized’ audio exhibit
Observe Earth Day With a Nature Takeover in Times Square
Jungle-ized is massive: artwork brings the Amazon to the concrete jungle

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